Dylan Kuzelka

I am a web designer and frontend developer.

I have a desire to be surrounded by beautiful things and an impulse to create them. Beautiful means something different to each of us. Beautiful music puts you in a state of mind boundless in scope, leaving you to explore the most abstract of ideas. Beautiful landscapes give you the will to venture into unknown territories and face your fears of adventure. Beautiful design changes the way people perceive a product or idea. It can improve the taste of food, it can start a movement, and it can change people.

African Grasslands

Newest full immersion exhibit.

The Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha Nebraska is in the process of opening a new African wildlife exhibit. The zoo's website could be redesigned to match the beautiful architecture and design of the new addition.

Web Design

Web redesign concept that would be rolled out with the Henry Doorly Zoo's newest exhibit, African Grasslands.

Design Thinking

The new exhibit is based around the idea of full immersion. This redesign concept for part of the Henry Doorly Zoo's website was made with that in mind. The new design needed to be open and unrestricted by bounding boxes, unlike the old design.


Avenir Next

This typeface is straight and symetrical, with type weights ranging from Ultra Light to Heavy. The features of this font help the design have a fresh modern aesthetic to compliment the energy of the new construction.

Minion Pro

This serif typeface is used to compliment the simple san serif, Avenir Next. The serifs bring in a hint of old style handwritting to help soften and naturalize the modern look of the rest of the design.

Being bored has never been so challenging.

OFFHAND provides a platform to challenge yourself and your friends to take on new personas that could cause scenes of chaos and joy in public. If you're bored and begging for something to do, or you simply love to be spontaneous and absurd, you can discover hilarious scenarios and share your hijinks with the community.

Branding, UX/UI, App Design

Concept for a mobile application that pushes people to explore their city while acting like a total goof.

Create a new normal

If you noticed your pants were unzipped, chances are you wouldn't ask your friend standing next to you to zip them up. But what if you did?

With OFFHAND the world is your playground. You can take on a completely new personality and shatter the socially imposed illusion of acting normal. Create a new normal. Fill it with joy and spontanious acts of confidence.

You don't have to be a crazy eccentric to live OFFHAND and you don't need to be an actor to partake in these outlandish hijinks. Simply have fun, be fun, and spread your happiness with others.

Understanding the user

Jillian Barinski

Jillian hates when she has to wash laundry but she vacuums her room almost every day.

Her childhood friend had an older brother who was in a band and a total smoochfest!

Jillian's aunt took her to a hip-hop show when she was 13, and they both promised to tell Jillian's parents that they went to an art gallery opening. (They never got caught)

Just this week she met nine people with "weird" hair styles and one person named Cuckoo.

She will never buy a lottery ticket or drive an RV. However, she will take a blacksmithing class while visiting her sister in Virginia.

She secretly loves the gothic vampire metal band Type-O Negative, dancing blindfolded in the middle of the night, and ecstasy.

A key element in developing OFFHAND was defining the user. Unusually specific and brief backstories helped establishing a mood and esthetic to build on and to help create engagement strategies. We were able to pull out key ideas, feelings, and visual adjectives to check against the mockup designs. From the small list above, we can deduce that jillian might prefer a clean, unusual, and bold look. We also get a sense of what she likes to do in her spare time.

Design Thinking

OFFHAND is a mobile application concept that needed branding, UX/UI, and app design. Information pulled from mood boards and demographic notes were used to pinpoint the style and energy of the design and the concept itself. The app needed to incorporate bold visuals and colorful aesthetics to appeal to adventurous and outgoing users who don't want to stay bored and love to be weird in public.


Source Sans Pro

A large x-height and variety of font styles makes this typeface easy to read on mobile devices. This typeface plays into the bold and clean look discussed in the ideation of this project.

Share your taste in music, together.

Amoeba combines individual music preferences into a shared music listening experience. Whether you're on a family road trip, at a kickin house party or enjoying a cold one at the local watering hole, you can take your music with you to influence the atmosphere and help curate a playlist with those around you.

Branding, UX/UI, App Design, Web Design

Company concept for music service that involves users on mobile application and web interface.

Use Case

You've got a Pandora account with thousands of liked songs, a Spotify account with numerous playlists made, you have songs saved on Apple Music, you just discovered a couple awesome songs on Soundcloud and you even found a song that's only on Youtube.

You and two friends are going on a road trip. Like you, they have just as much if not more music preferences saved across all their accounts. Everyone would prefer to listen to music that they like but as a group no one can decide who's account to use.

With Amoeba you can join together to compare each of your extensive libraries against one another and stream one radio station, customized by all of you, from a single source.

User Flow

Design Thinking

Amoeba is a web company concept that needed branding and user experience diagramming to help connect groups of people around their personal preferences in music. The app and web service needed to be inclusive and easy to use for a variety of demographics, while maintaining a fun and high energy hub to connect with friends.


Alegreya Sans

With a larger x-height and a sharp set of font styles this typeface lends to a more legible reading experience on the web and smaller devices.